DENIS PHILLIP has been involved in the local steelband movement long before the majority of today’s pannists – schoolboys and girls – was born. At 81, Phillip is the oldest active steelband member in Grenada.
“I feel very satisfied,’’ Phillip said Monday, at a news conference or­ganized by FLOW Commancheros Steel Orchestra.

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THE COMBINED HISTORY of Gre­nada’s three lead­ing steelbands – FLOW Comman­cheros, Coyaba New Dimension and Republic Bank Angel Harps – is more than 120 years. It’s an im­pressive history of not just steelpan in Grenada, but it’s also an important part of our cultural tapestry. It’s a sym­bol of Grenadians – men in the begin­ning, later women and today, lots of children – finding an outlet to express themselves in a musical, cultural way.

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Celebrating 50 years of Community Development through Pan-Culture
The Commancheros Steel Orchestra was formed in St. Paul’s in 1967 by Mr. Denis Phillip in an area simply referred to as ‘The Yard’ where many of the youths gathered to play sports, cook a food and have fun in general.  Led by Leslie ‘Doctor Fats’ Robinson, Oliver ‘Dolly House’ Charles, Harold ‘Old Post’ Charles and Adrian ‘Shakey’ Hayes the boys collected oil tins from the Esso gas station at Parade, burnt and tuned them and played music to the enjoyment of the neighbourhood. (The group was called the Tintots Combo)

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