Absolutely no stranger to our cultural art form, having been involved with distinction in the Calypso arena and performing arts since the 1970’s.  During that period, he has unselfishly written and produced many compositions specifically for Commancheros Steel Orchestra’s renditions at Panorama.

1993 it was “Commancheros”.

1994 it was “Cheros Express”, a historic year when both the Junior and Senior bands won the Panorama championship.

1995 how can we forget the instructions “Sylvie wake up the neighbors, we win the panorama”, a composition called “Celebration”.

1996 it was “The Mission”.

1999 it was “Drawing Board”.

As  co-sponsor to the tour of the steel band to the North-East United States in 1997, “Turks” as he is affectionately called, worked tirelessly with CNYSO to negotiate and coordinate  the many arrangements that led to the last live recording done by the steel band; “Commancheros Live in Concert”. The graphic and artwork and design of the cover of that CD bears his signature all over.

Whether it was the need to reproduce CD’s or the promotion of the interest of the steel band and CNYSO on his website, the response to our calls has always been enthusiastically filled with advices, suggestions and or opinions; and may I say ‘free of cost’.

These are just a few of his many contributions to the Cheros Fraternity and so tonight we show our appreciation and thanks to Cecil “Flyin Turkey” Belfon.